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英文演讲稿 篇一

Currently,my school is launching an activity whose theme is that actions change the world to advocate the low carbon living。

In the activity,we are required to go to school or some other place by bike or by foot as much as possible instead of by bus。And when the Christmas es,sending e-greeting cards instead of tridional cards of which are made of wood as we know。Besides,we should use both sides of every piece of paper and we should save water as well as electricity。

I believe that only we do thus can we have a better living environment。

英语演讲稿 篇二

tips for happinein daily life

daily life can be made happier. it is a matter of choice. it is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy. it is true, we meet all kinds of situations during the day, and some of them may not be conductive to happiness. we can choose to keep thinking about the unhappy events, and we can choose to refuse to think about them, and instead, relish the happy moments. all of us constantly go through various situations and circumstances, but we do not have to let them influence our reactions and feelings.

if we let outer events influence our moods, we become their slaves. we lose our freedom. we let our happinebe determined by outer forces. on the other hand, we can free ourselves from outer influences. we can choose to be happy, and we can do a lot to add happineto our lives.

what is happiness? it is a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. it is usually experienced when there are no worries, fears or obsessing thoughts, and this usually happens, when we do something we love to do or when we get, win, gain or achieve something that we value. it seems to be the outcome of positive events, but it actually comes from the inside, triggered by outer events.

for most people happineseems fleeting, because they let changing outer circumstances affect it. one of the best ways to keep it, is by gaining inner peace through daily meditation. as the mind becomes more peaceful, it becomes easier to choose the happinehabit.

here are a few tips for increasing happinein daily life:

1) endeavor to change the way you look at things. always look at the bright side. the mind may drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. don't let it. look at the good and positive side of every situation.

2) think of solutions, not problems.

3) listen to relaxing, uplifting music.

英文演讲稿 篇三



So it's 1995, I'm in college, and a friend and I go on a road trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Portland, Oregon.

当时是95年 我在上大学 我和一个朋友开车去玩 从罗得岛的普罗旺斯区出发 到奥勒冈州的波特兰市

And you know, we're young and unemployed, so we do the whole thing on back roads through state parks and national forests -- basically the longest route we can possibly take.

我们年轻、无业 ,于是整个旅程都在乡间小道 经过州立公园 和国家保护森林 我们尽可能绕着最长的路径

And somewhere in the middle of South Dakota, I turn to my friend and I ask her a question that's been bothering me for 2,000 miles.

在南达科塔州之中某处 我转向我的朋友 问她一个 两千英里路途上 一直烦恼我的问题

"What's up with the Chinese character I keep seeing by the side of the road?"


My friend looks at me totally blankly.


There's actually a gentleman in the front row who's doing a perfect imitation of her look.

正如现在坐在第一排的这三位男士 所露出的神情一样

(Laughter) And I'm like, "You know, all the signs we keep seeing with the Chinese character on them."

(笑声) 我说"你知道的 我们一直看到的那个路牌 写着中文的那个啊"

She just stares at me for a few moments, and then she cracks up, because she figures out what I'm talking about.

她瞪着我的脸一阵子 突然笑开了 因为她总算知道我所指为何

And what I'm talking about is this.


(Laughter) Right, the famous Chinese character for picnic area.

(笑声) 没错,这就是代表野餐区的那个中文字

(Laughter) I've spent the last five years of my life thinking about situations exactly like this -- why we sometimes misunderstand the signs around us,

(笑声) 过去的五年 我一直在思考 刚刚我所描述的状况 为什么我们会对身边的征兆 产生误解

and how we behave when that happens, and what all of this can tell us about human nature.

当误解发生时我们作何反应 以及这一切所告诉我们的人性

In other words, as you heard Chris say, I've spent the last five years thinking about being wrong.

换句话说,就像 Chris 刚才说的 过去五年的时间 我都在思考错误的价值

This might strike you as a strange career move, but it actually has one great advantage: no job competition.

你可能觉得这是个奇异的专业 但有一项好处是不容置疑的: 没有竞争者。

(Laughter) In fact, most of us do everything we can to avoid thinking about being wrong, or at least to avoid thinking about the possibility that we ourselves are wrong.

(笑声) 事实上,我们大部分的人 都尽力不思考错误的价值 或至少避免想到我们有可能犯错。

We get it in the abstract.


We all know everybody in this room makes mistakes.


The human species, in general, is fallible -- okay fine.

人类本来就会犯错 - 没问题

But when it comes down to me right now, to all the beliefs I hold, here in the present tense, suddenly all of this abstract appreciation of fallibility  goes out the window -- and I can't actually think of anything I'm wrong about.

一旦这个想法临到我们自身 我们现在所有的 所有的信念 对人类可能犯错的抽象概念随即被我们抛弃 我无法想到我有哪里出错

And the thing is, the present tense is where we live.


We go to meetings in the present tense; we go on family vacations in the present tense; we go to the polls and vote in the present tense.

我们开会,去家庭旅游 去投票 全都是现在式

So effectively, we all kind of wind up traveling through life, trapped in this little bubble of feeling very right about everything.

我们就像现在一个小泡泡里 经历人生 感觉自己总是对的

I think this is a problem.


I think it's a problem for each of us as individuals, in our personal and professional lives, and I think it's a problem for all of us collectively as a culture.

我认为这是每个人私人生活 和职业生活中的问题 我认为我们身为群体,这也造成了文化问题

So what I want to do today is, first of all, talk about why we get stuck inside this feeling of being right.

于是,我今天想做的是 先谈谈为甚么我们会 陷在这种自以为是的心态中

And second, why it's such a problem.


And finally, I want to convince you that it is possible to step outside of that feeling, and that, if you can do so, it is the single greatest

最后我想说服大家 克服这种感觉 是可能的 而且一旦你做到了 这将成为你道德上

moral, intellectual and creative leap you can make.


So why do we get stuck in this feeling of being right?

为甚么我们会陷在 这种自以为是的心态中?

One reason actually has to do with a feeling of being wrong.


So let me ask you guys something -- or actually, let me ask you guys something, because you're right here: How does it feel -- emotionally --

我想问问你们 让我问问台上的你们 当你意识到自己犯错了

how does it feel to be wrong?


Dreadful. Thumbs down.


Embarrassing. Okay, wonderful, good.


Dreadful, thumbs down, embarrassing -- thank you, these are great answers, but they're answers to a different question.

很糟糕,很差劲,很难堪。 谢谢你们提供这些答案 但这些答案没有回答我的问题

You guys are answering the question: How does it feel to realize you're wrong?

你们回答的问题是: 当你意识到你犯错的时候,你的感觉如何?

(Laughter) Realizing you're wrong can feel like all of that and a lot of other things, right?

(笑声) 意识到你犯错了就会有刚刚所说的这些感觉,不是吗?

I mean it can be devastating, it can be revelatory, it can actually be quite funny, like my stupid Chinese character mistake.

令人沮丧,暴露了一些真实 有时候甚至有些好笑 像我误以为路牌是中文字

But just being wrong doesn't feel like anything.

但犯错本身 事实上毫无感觉

I'll give you an analogy.


Do you remember that Loony Tunes cartoon where there's this pathetic coyote who's always chasing and never catching a roadrunner?

你记得卡通里 那个总是在追逐 却从未抓到猎物的土狼吗?

In pretty much every episode of this cartoon, there's a moment where the coyote is chasing the roadrunner and the roadrunner runs off a cliff,

几乎在每一集里 牠的猎物 - 一只走鹃鸟 都会跳下悬崖

which is fine, he's a bird, he can fly.


But the thing is, the coyote runs off the cliff right after him.


And what's funny -- at least if you're six years old -- is that the coyote's totally fine too.

那很好笑 如果你是个六岁儿童 土狼也很好

He just keeps running -- right up until the moment that he looks down and realizes that he's in mid-air.

牠就这么继续跑 直到牠往下看 发现自己漫步在空中

That's when he falls.


When we're wrong about something -- not when we realize it, but before that -- we're like that coyote after he's gone off the cliff and before he looks down.

在我们犯错时 在我们意识到我们犯错时 我们就像那只土狼 还没意识到自己奔出悬崖

You know, we're already wrong, we're already in trouble, but we feel like we're on solid ground.

我们已经错了 已经惹上麻烦了 但仍然感觉像走在地上

So I should actually correct something I said a moment ago.


It does feel like something to be wrong; it feels like being right.

犯错的感觉就和 正确的感觉一样

(Laughter) So this is one reason, a structural reason, why we get stuck inside this feeling of rightness.

(笑声) 事实上我们这种自以为对的感受 是有构造性的原因的

I call this error blindness.


Most of the time, we don't have any kind of internal cue to let us know that we're wrong about something, until it's too late.

大部份的时间里 我们身体里没有任何机制 提醒我们错了 直到木已成舟

But there's a second reason that we get stuck inside this feeling as well -- and this one is cultural.

但还有第二个理由 文化性的理由

Think back for a moment to elementary school.


You're sitting there in class, and your teacher is handing back quiz papers, and one of them looks like this.

你坐在课堂里 你的老师发回小考考卷 像这样的小考考卷

This is not mine, by the way.


(Laughter) So there you are in grade school, and you know exactly what to think about the kid who got this paper.

(笑声) 你从小学时代 就知道该对拿这张考卷的同学 下甚么评语

It's the dumb kid, the troublemaker, the one who never does his homework.

笨蛋,捣蛋鬼 从不做功课的坏学生

So by the time you are nine years old, you've already learned, first of all, that people who get stuff wrong are lazy, irresponsible dimwits --

你不过才九岁 你已经懂得,首先 那些犯错的人 都是懒惰、不负责任的傻瓜

and second of all, that the way to succeed in life is to never make any mistakes.

第二 想要在人生中成功 就不要犯错

We learn these really bad lessons really well.


And a lot of us -- and I suspect, especially a lot of us in this room -- deal with them by just becoming perfect little A students,

而我们 尤其是这个大厅里的许多人 都因此成为好学生 拿全A

perfectionists, over-achievers.


Right, Mr. CFO, astrophysicist, ultra-marathoner?

不是吗? 财务长、天体物理学家、超级马拉松先生们?

(Laughter) You're all CFO, astrophysicists, ultra-marathoners, it turns out.

(笑声) 结果是你们全成了财务长、天体物理学家、跑超级马拉松

Okay, so fine.


Except that then we freak out at the possibility that we've gotten something wrong.

但一旦我们发现有可能犯错 就开始手足无措

Because according to this, getting something wrong means there's something wrong with us.

因为依照规定 犯错 代表我们一定也有甚么不对劲

So we just insist that we're right, because it makes us feel smart and responsible and virtuous and safe.

于是我们坚持己见 因为那让我们感觉聪明、得体 安全和可靠

So let me tell you a story.


A couple of years ago, a woman comes into Beth Israel Deaconess medical center for a surgery.

几年前 一个女人到 Beth Israel Deaconess 诊所做手术

Beth Israel's in Boston.

Beth Israel 在波士顿

It's the teaching hospital for Harvard -- one of the best hospitals in the country.

是哈佛大学的教学附属医院 全国数一数二的医疗中心

So this woman comes in and she's taken into the operating room.


She's anesthetized, the surgeon does his thing -- stitches her back up, sends her out to the recovery room.

麻醉,外科医生做完手术 缝合,将她送进恢复室

Everything seems to have gone fine.


And she wakes up, and she looks down at herself, and she says, "Why is the wrong side of my body in bandages?"

她醒来,往自己身上一看 说“为甚么我的左腿绑着绷带?”

Well the wrong side of her body is in bandages because the surgeon has performed a major operation on her left leg instead of her right one.

她应该接受治疗的是右腿 但为他做手术的外科医生 却把刀开在左腿

When the vice president for health care quality at Beth Israel spoke about this incident, he said something very interesting.

当副院长出来为医院的医疗质量 和这次意外做出解释时 他说了句很有趣的话

He said, "For whatever reason, the surgeon simply felt that he was on the correct side of the patient."

他说“无论如何 这位外科医生感觉 他开下的刀是在正确的一侧”

(Laughter) The point of this story is that trusting too much in the feeling of being on the correct side of anything can be very dangerous.

(笑声) 故事的重点是 相信自己的判断力 相信自己站在对的一边 是非常危险的

This internal sense of rightness that we all experience so often is not a reliable guide to what is actually going on in the external world.

我们心中时常感觉到的 理直气壮的感觉 在真实世界中 并不是个可靠的向导。

And when we act like it is, and we stop entertaining the possibility that we could be wrong, well that's when we end up doing things

当我们依此行事 不再思考我们是否犯错 我们就有可能

88.like dumping 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, or torpedoing the global economy.

把两百湾加仑的石油倒进墨西哥湾 或是颠覆世界经济

So this is a huge practical problem.


But it's also a huge social problem.


Think for a moment about what it means to feel right.


It means that you think that your beliefs just perfectly reflect reality.

这代表着你认为你的信念 和真实是一致的

And when you feel that way, you've got a problem to solve, which is, how are you going to explain all of those people who disagree with you?

当你有这种感觉的时候 你的问题就大了 因为如果你是对的 为甚么还有人和你持不同意见?

It turns out, most of us explain those people the same way, by resorting to a series of unfortunate assumptions.

于是我们往往用同一种 思考方式去解释这些异议

The first thing we usually do when someone disagrees with us is we just assume they're ignorant.

第一是当他人不同意我们的说法 我们便觉得他们无知

They don't have access to the same information that we do, and when we generously share that information with them, they're going to see the light and come on over to our team.

他们不像我们懂得这么多 当我们慷慨地和他们分享我们的知识 他们便会理解,并加入我们的行列

When that doesn't work, when it turns out those people have all the same facts that we do and they still disagree with us, then we move on to a second assumption,

如果不是这样 如果这些人和我们获得的信息一样多 却仍然不认同我们 我们便有了下一个定论

which is that they're idiots.


(Laughter) They have all the right pieces of the puzzle, and they are too moronic to put them together correctly.

(笑声) 他们已经有了所有的信息 却笨到无法拼凑出正确的图像

And when that doesn't work, when it turns out that people who disagree with us have all the same facts we do and are actually pretty smart,

一旦第二个定论也不成立 当这些反对我们的人 和我们有一样的信息 又聪明

then we move on to a third assumption: they know the truth, and they are deliberately distorting it for their own malevolent purposes.

我们便有了第三个结论 他们知道事实是甚么 但却为了自己的好处 故意曲解真实。

So this is a catastrophe.


This attachment to our own rightness keeps us from preventing mistakes when we absolutely need to and causes us to treat each other terribly.

我们的自以为是 让我们在最需要的时候 无法预防犯错 更让我们互相仇视

104.But to me, what's most baffling and most tragic about this is that it misses the whole point of being human.

对我来说 最大的悲剧是 它让我们错失了身为人的珍贵意义

It's like we want to imagine that our minds are just these perfectly translucent windows and we just gaze out of them and describe the world as it unfolds.

那就像是想象 我们的心灵之窗完全透明 我们向外观看 描述在我们之前展开的世界

And we want everybody else to gaze out of the same window and see the exact same thing.

我们想要每个人和我们有一样的窗子 对世界做出一样的观察

That is not true, and if it were, life would be incredibly boring.

那不是真的 如果是,人生将会多么无聊

The miracle of your mind isn't that you can see the world as it is.

心灵的神奇之处 不在你懂得这个世界是甚么样子

It's that you can see the world as it isn't.


We can remember the past, and we can think about the future, and we can imagine what it's like to be some other person in some other place.

我们记得过去 思考未来 我们想象 自己成为他人,在他方

And we all do this a little differently, which is why we can all look up at the same night sky and see this and also this and also this.

我们的想象都有些不同 于是当我们抬头看同一个夜空 我们看到这个 这个 和这个

And yeah, it is also why we get things wrong.


1,200 years before Descartes said his famous thing about "I think therefore I am,"

在笛卡儿说出那句有名的”我思故我在“ 的一千两百年前

this guy, St. Augustine, sat down and wrote "Fallor ergo sum" -- "I err therefore I am."

圣奥古斯丁,坐下来 写下"Fallor ergo sum" "我错故我在"

Augustine understood that our capacity to screw up, it's not some kind of embarrassing defect in the human system, something we can eradicate or overcome.

奥古斯丁懂得 我们犯错的能力 这并不是人性中 一个令人难堪的缺陷 不是我们可以克服或消灭的

It's totally fundamental to who we are.


Because, unlike God, we don't really know what's going on out there.

因为我们不是上帝 我们不知道我们之外究竟发生了甚么

And unlike all of the other animals, we are obsessed with trying to figure it out.

而不同于其它动物的是 我们都疯狂地想找出解答

To me, this obsession is the source and root of all of our productivity and creativity.

对我来说 这种寻找的冲动 就是我们生产力和创造力的来源

Last year, for various reasons, I found myself listening to a lot of episodes of the Public Radio show This American Life.

因为一些缘故 去年我在广播上 听了很多集的"我们的美国人生"

And so I'm listening and I'm listening, and at some point, I start feeling like all the stories are about being wrong.

我听着听着 突然发现 这些故事全和犯错有关

And my first thought was, "I've lost it.

我的第一个念头是 “我完了

I've become the crazy wrongness lady.


I just imagined it everywhere,"


which has happened.


But a couple of months later, I actually had a chance to interview Ira Glass, who's the host of the show.

但几个月后 我访问了那个广播节目的主持人 Ira Glass

And I mentioned this to him, and he was like, "No actually, that's true.

我向他提到这件事 他回答我“事实上

In fact," he says, "as a staff, we joke that every single episode of our show has the same crypto-theme.

你是对的”他说 “我们这些工作人员总是 开玩笑说每集节目之中的 秘密主题都是一样的

And the crypto-theme is: 'I thought this one thing was going to happen and something else happened instead.' And thing is," says Ira Glass, "we need this.

这个秘密主题就是 "我以为这件事会这样发生 结果其它事情发生了" 他说"但是,这就是我们需要的

We need these moments of surprise and reversal and wrongness to make these stories work."

我们需要这些意外 这些颠倒和错误 这些故事才能成立。"

And for the rest of us, audience members, as listeners, as readers, we eat this stuff up.

而我们身为观众 听众、读者 我们吸收这些故事

We love things like plot twists and red herrings and surprise endings.

我们喜欢故事转折 令人惊讶的结局

When it comes to our stories, we love being wrong.

我们喜欢在故事里 看到犯错

But, you know, our stories are like this because our lives are like this.

但,故事会这样写 是因为人生就是这样

We think this one thing is going to happen and something else happens instead.

我们以为某些事情会这样发生 发生的却是其它事

George Bush thought he was going to invade Iraq, find a bunch of weapons of mass destruction, liberate the people and bring democracy to the Middle East.

小布什以为他入侵伊拉克 会找到大规模毁灭性武器 解放中东百姓,为他们带来民主自由

And something else happened instead.


And Hosni Mubarak thought he was going to be dictator of Egypt for the rest of his life, until he got too old or too sick and could pass the reigns of power onto his son.

穆巴拉克以为 他到死都会是埃及的独裁者 一直到他年老或卧病 再把他的权力交给下一代

And something else happened instead.


And maybe you thought you were going to grow up and marry your high school sweetheart and move back to your home town and raise a bunch of kids together.

或许你想过 你会长大、嫁给你的初恋情人 搬回老家,生一群孩子

And something else happened instead.


And I have to tell you that I thought I was writing an incredibly nerdy book about a subject everybody hates for an audience that would never materialize.

我必须说 我以为我写的是一本很冷僻的书 有关一个人人讨厌的主题 为一些从不存在的读者

And something else happened instead.


(Laughter) I mean, this is life.

(笑声) 我们的人生

For good and for ill, we generate these incredible stories about the world around us, and then the world turns around and astonishes us.

无论好坏 我们创造了啦 那包围我们的世界 而世界转过头来,令我们大吃一惊

No offense, but this entire conference is an unbelievable monument to our capacity to get stuff wrong.

说真的,这整个会议 充斥着这样难以置信的时刻 我们一次又一次地意识到自己的错误

We just spent and entire week talking about innovations and advancements and improvements, but you know why we need all of those innovations

我们花了整整一周 讨论创新,进步 和改善 你知道我们为甚么需要这些创新

and advancements and improvements?


Because half the stuff that's the most mind-boggling and world altering -- TED 1998 -- eh.

因为其中有一半 来自最应该改变世界的 98年的TED 呃

(Laughter) Didn't really work out that way, did it.

(笑声) 真是出人意料之外啊,不是吗

(Laughter) Where's my jet pack, Chris?

(笑声) 我的逃生火箭在哪,Chris?

(Laughter) (Applause) So here we are again.

(笑声) (掌声) 于是我们又在这里

And that's how it goes.


We come up with another idea.


We tell another story.


We hold another conference.


The theme of this one, as you guys have now heard seven million times, is the rediscovery of wonder.

这次的主题是 如果你还没有听到耳朵出油的话 是重新找到想象的力量

And to me, if you really want to rediscover wonder, you need to step outside of that tiny, terrified space of rightness and look around at each other

对我来说 如果你真的想重新找到想象的力量 你需要离开 那个小小的、自我感觉良好的小圈圈 看看彼此

and look out at the vastness and complexity and mystery of the universe and be able to say, "Wow, I don't know.

看看宇宙的 广大无垠 复杂神秘 然后真正地说 “哇,我不知道

Maybe I'm wrong."


Thank you.


(Applause) Thank you guys.

(掌声) 谢谢

英语演讲稿 篇四

We know how fear feels, but I'm not sure we spend enough time thinking about what our fears mean.

As we grow up, we're often encouraged to think of fear as a weakness, just another childish thing to discard like baby teeth or roller skates.

And I think it's no accident that we think this way. Neuroscientists have actually shown that human beings are hard'wired to be optimists.

So maybe that's why we think of fear, sometimes, as a danger in and of itself. “Don't worry,” we like to say to one another. “Don't panic.” In English, fear is something we conquer. It's something we fight.

It's something we overcome. But what if we looked at fear in a fresh way? What if we thought of fear as an amazing act of the imagination, something that can be as profound and insightful as storytelling itself?

It's easiest to see this link between fear and the imagination in young children, whose fears are often extraordinarily vivid.

When I was a child, I lived in California, which is, you know, mostly a very nice place to live, but for me as a child, California could also be a little scary.

I remember how frightening it was to see the chandelier that hung above our dining table swing back and forth during every minor earthquake, and I sometimes couldn't sleep at night, terrified that the Big One might strike while we were sleeping.

And what we say about kids who have fears like that is that they have a vivid imagination. But at a certain point, most of us learn to leave these kinds of visions behind and grow up.

We learn that there are no monsters hiding under the bed, and not every earthquake brings buildings down. But maybe it's no coincidence that some of our most creative minds fail to leave these kinds of fears behind as adults.

英文演讲稿 篇五

In Jiangsu cuisine, there is a well-known dish called Sweet and SourMandarin Fish. And it is universally acknowledged that this dish is therepresentative of Jiangsu cuisine.

This dish is prepared with more than 9 main ingredients including fish,cooking wine, pine nut, pepper, ketchup, salt and vinegar. First, you shouldmake the fish clean and remove it’s bones and organs. Second the fish should beplaced into a wok, with pepper and cooking wine and then fry it until its colorchanges. Third, make the fish like a squirrel and pour the hot and thickmarinade on the fish. Then the last thing is just enjoying this beautiful anddelicious “squirrel”。 The Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish is suitable for people ofall ages. And it not only contains fat and protein but also is rich sources ofthe beneficial elements. So this dish is worthy of the being called the mostbright pearl of Jiangsu cuisine.

英文演讲稿 篇六

here are different kinds of noodles in our country. In Shanxi the mostfamous noodle is sliced noodles in Guangdong it has dry fried noodles; in Sichuan people love spicy hot noodles very much. Born in Beijing and live inBeijing I love fried bean paste noodles the best.


The fired bean paste noodles is very easy to cook. First of it you shouldslice the cucumber into pieces cook the soy bean and green bean for about tenminutes then put these material in a bowl. Second stir-frying the paste. Mix theminced meat ginger and green onion and then put them in the pan keep frying thepaste until you can smell the aroma. Last put the paste onto the noodles youhave prepare and add the cucumber soy bean and green bean to the noodles. Thefried bean paste noodles are done. If you have time you can try this I sure youwill love it.


英文演讲稿 篇七

Sometimes, what makes us relaxed and leaves us with a lighter feeling is enjoying the freedom of dreaming about good things. We can freely think of things that would do our lives more good than harm. We hope these things will happen in our lives some day.

Sometimes, what makes us relaxed and leaves us with a lighter feeling is enjoying the freedom of dreaming about good things. We can freely think of things that would do our lives more good than harm. We hope these things will happen in our lives some day.

To me, a dream is a picture of the place where we want to find ourselves some day. A dream is like a design of how we want things to look by the time we get there.

Dreaming keeps us in motion; it keeps us going.

英语演讲稿 篇八

In June, the flowers in full bloom season; In June, and the wind blowing the Buddha, the sun is shining; In June, is also our festival; On this day, our school held a large festival performances.

With the wonderful music, the curtain slowly rising, festival show began. You see! On both sides of the stage, slowly out of the pairs of girl wear kimonos, all is their dance, like a little flower in the wind, graceful; When the music becomes the high intense, they swing the waist, opened the ideologues floret umbrella, like a little mushroom in the rain, the dizzying. Oh! They are a little (a) class of performance. Is really wonderful! When the lights suddenly became dark, speed up the pace of music, a beam of red light in the middle of the table, a the grass skirt, with countless tails girl, with music and dancing. Oh! She in African dance!

The festival performances, from grade school, every class of performance are selected, many class can only choose a, and our class is very lucky, selected the two programs. "Saxophone ensemble" and the "Latin"。 My favorite is my piano recital, selected by the school but did not, though in the best, only got a silver medal. Since the two selected, the teacher every day with our rehearsals, one of the most hard is jump Latin dance, before we haven't learned a few people, is only temporary, please classmates to tutoring. Although in practice some classmates repeatedly, and made great changes, through the joint efforts of everyone, insisted on down.

The next program to play in our class, I saw countless flashing light from the flash, like with a rabbit in my heart, "beat" straight jump, however, still keep a smile on his face, I said to myself: there are many teachers and parents looking at me, I can't make a fool of yourself! Hence, music sounded, I try to set up her skirt, try to do the best gestures, leave the most beautiful dance to the audience the audience. A round of applause ended our performance, we are easy to step down after the audience with a bow, suddenly found that my mouth smile went numb.。.

I like the festival very much, because she can give each of us the opportunity to show their most beautiful style and individual talent, at the same time, can also learn about to so many classmates, have their skills, perhaps, this is what people often say: we are the future of our motherland.。.

英文演讲稿 篇九

December 4th, 20xx, will be the first-ever Wildlife Conservation Day. Our goal is to inform more people about this global conservation crisis. Attacks on rhinos and elephants are multiplying at an alarming rate. Species around the globe such as tigers in Asia are endangered. By some estimates, the black market for wildlife trafficking is rivaled in size only by the illegal arms and drug trade. The slaughter of endangered species robs communities of income from tourism, reduces biodiversity, encourages corruption, undermines good governance.

That's why we are training officials and educating prosecutors about wildlife crimes and helping countries strengthen their enforcement laws. But we can’t do this without you. Please, join us. Become part of the solution. You have the choice to refuse to purchase products made from endangered wildlife. Together we can save these animals before it is too late. Stand up and speak out, and stop this trade. Visit the website Take the pledge to respect and protect the world’s wildlife.


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