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初中英语演讲稿 篇一

Good afternoon, my dear teachers and friends,

Suppose you are in a dark cave alone now. Maybe you can not find any hope, you are trembling and frightened. )so when i sitting at the computer desk,he will say something like ‘you should pay more attention to your study’, ‘don’t waste time on the computer games, ‘it will be bad for your eyes’ and so on. how can i- a computer fan ? reduce time on computer? so i continue studying and playing on it

Years pasted, my father is over 45 now. it is time for me to look after him and i am sure i will do and we will live an even better life. and i will say,i really love you dad,cause you are the hero in my mind.

Thank you so much!

初中生英语演讲稿 篇二

The importance of time Good morning,dear teacher and my friends!

My name is .I’m a student of Great 7 from middle school. I ’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech today. My topic is “the importance of time”.

Someone says: “Time is money!” But I think time is even more important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However, When time is gone,It will never return no matter how rich you are.

But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time . They spend all day on smorking, drinking and playing.They do not know that wasting time means wasting life.

As to us, a middle schoole student, School time is a very important period for our growing up. We should make full use of it to do something usefull, just like learning different kinds of knowledge , taking exercise for a good health and so on.

In a word , we should save time.Time is limited and so,very precious. It will not return any more when it is gone.

That’s all for my speech.Thank you!(或者 Thanks for your listening!)

初中2分钟英语演讲稿 篇三

With the development of our society, energy in the world bees more and morelimited, so it is quite important for us to save energy and to protect ourenvironment。 As a student, there are a lot of methods we can do to save energyat home。 For example, first, we can turn off the light as well as otherappliances when we are not using them。 Second, recycle the waste water, paperand other waste so that we can reuse them。 What's more, it is suggested to usepublic transportation more instead of private cars。

Above all, everyone can make a great contribution to our environment。 Ihope I can learn more to develop new and clear energy, like energy from the windand solar。

初中英语优秀演讲稿 篇四

boys and girls,

good afternoon.

The content that i will give a lecture today is still about the subject that's unchanged since ancient times to now days, which is friendship. There have been thousands of explanations as for the word "friend",but i resolutely think that there is the best definition to explain it,which is trust. the story that i read recently makes my idea firm.

It happened in italy four centuries b.c. A young man named pi sia was sentenced to death, because of having offended the tyrant. pi sia was a filial son,and he asked to see his old mother before death. The king promised him, but set down the condition that he must find another person to be in prison instead of him. The condition was so critical that it was almost impossible to be realized. But pi sia did find such a man, who was his friend named dameng. Then pi sia went home to bid farewell with mother as he wished.

Days passed quickly, and the term of imprisonment was near at hand, but pi sia had not turned back yet. Most people ascertained that pi sia had deceived his friend.

It was a rainy day when demeng was sent to the execution ground, all persons watching around laughed at him, but demeng himself was not worried at all. The rope was hanging on his neck, and just at the critical moment, one person ran quickly through the rain shouting loudly,"please wait, I'm coming!" it was pi sia who turned back in time.

This was the most moving curtain(www.huzhidao.com) in the world. demeng took no care of himself in order to help his friend realize the duty, whose kind of spirit was moved one to tears. While pi sia did not hesitate to take life as the price for performing the promise, whose kind of courage was also rare to meet. My dear friends, do you know why demeng was so calm before death? the reason was that he believed his friend pi sia would not do such despicable thing as deceiving friends. This depended on the strength of trust.

This is a true story that is enough to shock everyone. especially to contemporary people who are surrounded by the benefit of themselves,it is more worth of pondering. friendship is the precious deposits of the human world and the coordinate of life,and it may keep the flowers of heart fresh and sweet forever. a true friend is large treasure of your whole life. when you are downhearted,they may encourage you to do all to catch up with the others, and when you are proud of yourself,they may remind you of keeping a clear head with sincere advice.

However, in the modern society that regards the real interest as the most supreme power , friendship becomes fragile and stingy .it is common that good friends known several years fall out to become enemies, and the friendship also becomes the chip of business...

In fact friendship will not die out, but people do not know to value it .the famous writer bi shumin once said in a piece of paper, " there is only one fruit in the tree of friendship,which is trust." friendship is a kind of nutrition for people that is the most simple and the most luxurious at the same time,which needs irrigating with trust and true feelings. it is just like the flower living in the comfortable hothouse. only with the attentive care,can it become more and more beautiful. in the modern and changeable age, we should abide by the an-cient rule, which is trust. friendship is so hard that it may exist forever as long as you treat it with heart.

Trust is one kind of precious feeling in the world. no one can buy it with money, and no one can get it by cheating or force. it comes from the innermost soul of people. just like clean spring, it washes away the dirt of common customs and makes you pure and self-confident. moreover, it can clear away the obstacles in your heart and help you gain more friend-ship.

In the real life, what will be kept in the history is not material wealth, but mutual affection being loyal-hearted. Let us abandon suspicion, hate out of jealousy, and deal with friends in all sincerity. believing that our eyes will brighten, and there will be even more happy laughter and cheerful voices in our world.

初中英语演讲稿 篇五









初中英语演讲稿 篇六

Our little portion of oneness is given a name, is told all kinds of things about itself, and these details, opinions and ideas become facts, which go towards building ourselves, our identity.

And that self becomes the vehicle for navigating our social world. But the self is a projection based on other people's projections. Is it who we really are? Or who we really want to be, or should be?So this whole interaction with self and identity was a very difficult one for me growing up. The self that I attempted to take out into the world was rejected over and over again. And my panic at not having a self that fit, and the confusion that came from my self being rejected, created anxiety, shame and hopelessness, which kind of defined me for a long time.

英语演讲稿初中 篇七

Honorable judges, ladies and gentleman, good morning.

I want you to tell me something. What’s the first thing that pops into yourmind when you hear the word faith, a sacred and heart-warming word that’ssupposed to remind you of all the beauties and goodness of life, the key thatused to keep us going when confronted with all sorts of hardships and obstacles.However, when I hear the word faith, the thing it reminds me of is so remote andintangible. In this rich and peaceful era, there aren’t as many disasters orwars, especially for us young people whose lives are much easier and wealthierthan our fathers’. So is faith gradually losing its significance in the humanworld nowadays?

Like many of others, I used to think of faith as of no importance at all,and I deemed myself as a faithless person. I thought I can live my lifeperfectly fine without intentionally grasping something as my faith. Until oneday I met an American Christian named John, who later became a very good friendof mine. John is an extremely faithful Christian, and he thinks of Jesus Christas his lord. He, as a pastor, tried to convert me into a Christian when we firstmet. So he lectured me with his extensive knowledge of history and philosophyevery time we hung out. In spite of his amazingly detailed desc ription of thehistory of Jesus, what really got me intrigued is not the story he told,instead, is John himself as probably the first and most faithful person I’ve metin my entire life. I can feel the sparks in his eyes when he talks aboutbiblical things, and I am so touched by the integrity of him when he says:”Jesus Christ is the ultimate pursuit of my life” without any hesitation ordoubt.

The more we got along, the more I became jealous of him, because he alwaysseems to be joyful and optimistic. When I ask him how he manages it, he said:”I’ve had bad days too, but I also know that God is with me. So I know that it’llall be okay.” Suddenly it occurred to me how lucky it is to have something youcan completely put your trust into, something that will bring you strength whenyour mind is weak, something that reminds you “ it’s not so bad” when you’refilled with sorrow, something that gives your existence significance and bringit up to a higher level. So I was literally converted, not into a Christian, notinto someone faithful either, but into someone who wants to be as faithful atleast.

That was the first time I am exposed to the power of faith. To put itsimple, your life is complete only if you have faith. You must find somethingimportant and significant in your life, your purpose, your pursuit, whatever youcall it. I’m not saying faith must relate to religion or God. It could beanything. It could be your career goal, your children, your lover, fellowship,or a certain kind of life style, anything, as long as you dare to trust yourlife in it with your heart of hearts.

Now I’m still faithless. I haven’t become a Christian or find what mattersto me most yet. But what John gave me is whole new perspective to see life. SoI’ll strive to really feel and touch the beauty in life and won’t take it forgranted. And that’s also what I encourage all of us to do. Keep looking for thefaith of your own, and when you do, you’ll know it’s all worth it.

初中生英语演讲稿 篇八

A dream

I remember when I was young; my mother often described the beauty of the grasslands through this poem: “tian cang cang, ye mang mang,feng chui cao di xian niu yang”。 it means in English “Clear skies, sweeping plains, the grass bowing before the wind, revealing grazing horses and sheep.” I could recite this even before entering primary school.

16years ago, my mother visited one of the grassland of Inner Mongolia. She said that no words could describe it’s stunning natural charm. With her description firmly printed on my mind I began to long for a tour to the grassland.

Sadly, this marvelous image that I had in my mind changed completely when my mum and I visited the grassland a year ago. As soon as we got there, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was in front of me was just a piece of land with loosely grown grass. In the far distance I saw only a couple of horses feeding lazily. I asked my mother: “Where is the lush, tall grass?” As puzzled as me, she said nothing. I was shocked to see the differences between the grassland in my dream and what was in front of me.

On the way home, I thought a lot and tried to find answers.

Now I am old enough to bring awareness to other people and share my dream for the grasslands. Overgrazing and extensive farming have ruined the grassland and so taken away the charm of our homeland. But I am confident that one day the grasslands will recover and its true wealth and beauty will be realized as long as everybody gives his contribution to restore our homeland.







初中英语演讲稿 篇九


My name is _X. Let me tell you something about me.

I am _,and I am a student in _.I think that I'm outgoing and funny,so I also think I'm populer at school.

I have _ friends in my class.We study together,play together,talk together and laugh together.We are happy every day.

I'm good at _X(科目),Because I like it very much.And I often get good grades. But I think I can do better.My parents also said to me that I could be more hard-working.So I will work harder than before.

My favorite sprot is _.I think it is very interesting and I often do that after school or on weekends.I think that can make me be in good health.I like eating _X,but hate sth very much.

I dream to do.。.because it was very.。.I hope my dreamcan come true.

Now,you know a lot about me.What do you think of me?

初中英语演讲稿 篇十

Smoking in pregnancy greatly increases the risk of miscarriage, is associated with lower birthweight babies, and inhibited child development.

Smoking by parents following the birth is linked to sudden infant death syndrome, or cot death, and higher rates of infant respiratory illness, such as bronchitis, colds, and pneumonia.

Nicotine, an ingredient of tobacco, is listed as an addictive substance by the US authorities.

Although the health risks of smoking are culmulative, giving up can yield health benefits regardless of the age of the patient, or the length of time they have been smoking.

Future impact

By 20xx, the WHO expects the worldwide death toll to reach 10 million, causing 17.7% of all deaths in developed countries.

There are believed to be 1.1 billion smokers in the world, 800 million of them in developing countries.


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